Gilding metal sheet hammered, drilled, gold leaf plated, Murano glass blue colour.

Height 100 mm Diameter 120 mm.
Unique piece, May 2012

Cosmogonic urchin…

After hammering and planishing, I realised that there were pikes and beads in the Murano glass. I used a technique of glass yarn with a torch.

Then I put a wax mixture inside my piece. This mixture allows to drill and emboss the metal without distortion. Embossing the holes gives an organic quality to the piece. All pikes and beads were tightly adjusted with a light milling.

I made a light patina on the outside of the piece to allow natural patina formation by contact with the finger-tips.

The inside was gilded with 24K gold sheets.

I wanted to create a hidden precious world, a dreamland unsuspected behind a tactil surface.